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  1. taki renzaburo says:

    Review by taki renzaburo for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    Hideo Kojima has done it again. MGS4 is the most detailed, convincing, and well-researched game I have ever played. It offers a compelling and imaginative glimpse into the future of high-tech warfare, a nuanced, intelligent storyline, vastly improved gameplay, and incredible graphics.

    The metal gear franchise has always pushed the boundaries of what a game could be, and challenged the preconceptions of the audience. MGS4 starts out with, of all things, a short live action film about marine fauna. The in-game store discounts weapons (in real time) on wednesdays and sundays. These are just a few examples, but there are many more. The story has both the philosophical and political musings as well as the bizarre humor and one of a kind characters that fans expect.

    The gameplay is more open and the action is more intense than in prior games. The environments seem much bigger and are bustling with npcs engaged in building to building warfare. Snake can join either side in the conflict or ignore them and sneak by. He has a ton of new weapons and gadgets as well.

    The graphics are among the most impressive I have seen in a game. The characters are solid physical presences with subtle, lifelike facial expressions. The mechs move with an animal grace and hunt with a keen intelligence that belies their artificial construction.

    Overall, the game is an experience that should not be missed by anyone with a PS3. If you don’t already own a PS3, this game alone would justify its purchase. It is by far the most creative, original, and technically polished game to appear on the system to date.

  2. Maria Marienthal says:

    Review by Maria Marienthal for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    I will start with the obvious, the game looks beautiful. The graphical

    quality does not change between cutscenes and gameplay. Kojima and his team pulled out all the stops on the beauty of this game, as they have always striven to do.


    Then there is the story. A lot of people harp on the Metal Gear Series because the story is full of twists. One person even said that the plot was twists and only twists. That person missed the point completely. Especially by the end of this game, it becomes apparent what Kojima had been pushing for. The message about humanity is clear… the MGS series has always been anti-war, anti-genetic determinism, anti-environmental determinism, every mistake that humanity has ever made with regards to war and control of the populous has been addressed in some way. Consider the history through which Kojima derives his inspiration. His home country of Japan experienced an apocalypse during WWII while causing an apocalypse in mainland Asia at the same time.

    In all situations of war no matter who begins the fight or where it starts or ends, the young will repeat the mistakes of the old, and the old will let the knowledge gained from their mistakes slip away with death. Even the most heinous actions, deception, murder, are a means to an end, and the end is all that really matters.


    Gameplay was spectacular. The MGS franchise is one of very few that has made significant gameplay improvements with every subsequent release. Control of Snake feels much more fluid, yet at the same time you can feel his age in the way he performs. Though he is more agile and powerful than the average human could ever be, he isn’t quite the same old Snake. He is THE Old Snake.

    Old Snake gets a lot of neat toys in this game, too. Most notably is his chameleon suit. If he lays flat, his suit will automatically adopt the pattern of the materials that are on the floor. By pressing the “triangle” button while up against a wall, he will adopt those coverings as well.

    The second great toy is Drebin’s shop. Drebin is a weapons launderer who gives Old Snake full access to replacement ammo and other supplies. ID Locked weapons can be converted to old-world weapons that do not require nanomachine permissions. There are A LOT of weapons in this game. First time through you probably won’t get to experience all of them, and that is okay. Just check them out on your next run. The game is only about 10-15 hours long depending on how you choose to play. Also, through Drebin’s shop Old Snake can modify his weapon. The first weapon, the M4 Custom is a good all-purpose weapon. It packs a decent punch and holds 30 rounds. It can be modded with a shotgun attachment, grenade launcher, or foregrip for stability. Laser sights and scopes can also be added to the M4 and other select weapons. So play around and have fun.

    Toy #3 is the Metal Gear Mark II, Hal’s minature Metal Gear Rex that is mostly harmless…mostly. When you need a buddy to turn the corner and remain unseen for you, Mark II can cast an invisibility cloak and make sure the coast is clear. If things get sticky, it has a shock wire function to incapacitate unsuspecting foes. The same tool can be used to knock on surfaces to distract your enemies and guide them away from Old Snake’s true position. It is a neat little gadget that you may or may not find to be useful.

    Next up, the enemies. In this game, it is impossible to hate the enemies you fight (except for Vamp) because they are amazing, flat-out. Whether they are GECKOS (bipedal beast machines), FROGS (all-female supersoldiers), or Private Military Company militia-men (remnants of their humanity will keep you grounded), or the Beauty and the Beast Corps (best enemies in of all time in videogames?), enemies are not just targets. Kojima and his crew made the enemies in this game characters to be admired. They neither have names nor faces, but they will f*** your day up very quickly if you do not respect their power. From the top down, they are all capable killers.

    The humanity of this game lies within Snake’s allies. Meryl, Eva, Hal, the Colonel, Mae Ling, Raiden, Rosemary, Naomi, and especially Sunny represent the other side of life. Old Snake is a manufactured product of war, the only life he has ever known. No machine can imitate or destroy the compassion that these individuals shared. This is passion. I won’t go on, can’t explain much else without major spoilers.

    Gameplay, people, visuals, this game is stunning. Metal Gear Sold 4 exemplifies why videogames deserve to be celebrated as art. It has the story worthy of novel publishing, breath-taking visuals, engrossing music, and an all-around realism that we celebrate in paintings such as the Mona Lisa. If only more videogame producers put this much time and effort into a game. Production for perfection… long hours, perspiration, and inspiration to produce the culmination of one’s efforts… that is art… this is art.

    If you are a casual gamer, this is not for you. If you have never played the other MGS games, this is probably not for you. Play through MGS1-3 in order to get the story and gameplay straight, and then play MGS4.

    For everyone who has been trying to compare this game to COD and HALO…come on. MGS4 is not a pure shooter. They put it nice and bold on the cover, “Tactical Espionage Action”. That means be sneaky and use force only as needed. Play a “shooter” and judge other shooters with it. MGS4 is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a shooter.

    Could this go down as one of the best games of all time? Absolutely. Game of the Year? For sure. It is in a league of its own. Nothing else plays like it. Few other games are as engrossed in the mystique of political/sci-fi conspiracy. Too few have such dedicated stories. In most games, the producer’s passion is not as apparent. MGS4 had a 105 degree fever with Kojima’s ardor for gaming perfection. The game feels like he and his team cared.

    Gameplay 5

    Video 5 – Cutscenes are long but not at all boring

    Audio 5

    Story 5

  3. SuperSlugger2134 says:

    Review by SuperSlugger2134 for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    Before I start… I do my fair share of gaming, but I’am by no means a very obsessive gamer. So I never really knew about Metal Gear Solid until I bought this game. I’m a huge fan of first person shooter games like COD, Resistance, etc. So I saw the ads and thought it was another military type shooting game so I went out and spent the $59.99 and got the game. I put the game into the PS3 and after about an 8 minute wait (becasue the game is so amazing that it needs time to load some stuff on to the PS, but you still need the disk to play the game!) the game started and I was completely blown away. I have played some really good games in my time and on many systems, but this has, by far, been THE best game that I have palyed on ANY system before. The quick down low on this game… the graphics… I give a 10/10. The detailing of the all the characters, the details on the machinery and the surroundings, it was awesome. The thing that made is so spectacular was the fact that the developers did put so much attention to the details that they did a very good job of simulating real life as best as possible. Another big pet peeve of mine is the acting of the characters in the game. I feel like it plays a big part in the gaming experience and people don’t give it much credit. So for the acting another 10/10: the character voices fit the characters, and the voice acting was done superbly. The animation was also done extremely well, my only fuss about the animation is that you can’t really read how the character is feeling by looking at thier face: the pretty much always put on the same face… but no game has ever done that really well either so I looked over that fact. Finally for game play I give 9/10. I give it such a “low” rating because quite frankly this game is a bit tough to get accustomed to (all though once you do… you’re pretty much ready to kick some MAJOR BUTT). I guess a more crazy gamer would have managed to get all the controls down quickly… but for me it took me a while to figure out how to use all the controls. At first the menu that shows all your items, weapons, and an array of other things was very difficult to figure out. Once you got past that you had to actaully figure out how to use the items, weapons, etc. It took me the longest time to figure out how to use Med-packs… but that could also be due to my inabilities :-p. So basically thats why the gameplay is 9/10… overall its just a confusing interface to get used to, but once you do it gets very fun. Also the interactions in the game is awesome. Like the bad guys can figure out when you are there just by bascially seeing you (obviously), hearing you (also obvious), and smelling you (Yea… thats a new one on me too). So its really fun trying to sneak around all the levels w/o getting spotted… but fear not my first person shooter fans… there are thrills here for you too… if the baddies spot you, you’re gonna’ be pulling out some very nifty guns to shoot them: my fav. is the p90. Just before I end here, if you don’t know about the Metal Gear Series (like myself) you won’t really know what’s going on in the game. In that sense it really sucks because you’re just shooting and sneaking around w/o really knowing what’s happening. The developers just assumed that you played previous versions so they just build on the stories of the last one’s so you miss out a lot of the stories and things like that. But, I went on Wiki and basically read the story like a book so I was all set! And lastly (I promise this time) the game does feel like its more of a movie with some player interaction becasue the cut scenes are ridiculously long… so if you are’nt a cut scene type of person… you might not like this game. As for me…. I loved it!!!So basically this game is wicked fun and if you haven’t bought it yet… you HAVE TO!!!!!

  4. Aussie Xtreme Legend says:

    Review by Aussie Xtreme Legend for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    well picked this up earlier today, and have not being able to put it down!! i am a huge MGS fan so i know alot about these games and you can trust me when i say this one is by FAR! the best!!

    everything from the game play, wicked baddies, the sound effects and graphics (amazing at 720p – not 1080p)! breath taking, heart pumping cut scenes that REALLY make you think that you are inside a movie! MGS has always been very theatrical , but with how advanced this game is visually you almost can believe you are directing your own action movie! Hideo and his bois at Konami have out done themselves again!

    Same voice cast holds up fantastic again, MGS has always had a great english voice cast (i dont care what anyone says)! David Hayter adds a few years to his voice which suits Old Snake very well!! Didnt have to wait very long for Snake to say my fav MGS line thats in all games, “Metal Gear..?”

    All the new gadets in this game are fantastic, Drebin’s shop is a handy welcome to the series, taking a leaf outta Resi4 with collecting weapons and other pieces of gear to buy new imp weapons and ammo!! Great touch!

    will not spoil plot details or anything coz if your like me and you play this for the story side too you will no doubt be on the edge of your seat with a great story! action packed cut scenes to get the blood pumpin as you get thrust into the heat of some very big Skirmishes!

    i dont see or can beilieve this game can have any haters!! it is a must for both old time fans to one of the greatest games ever made! and for new fans lookin to get into the series!!

    No doubt, ‘Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots’ is, the Game of the Year!!! so do yourself a favour and buy MGS4 NOW!!! ( back to the game for me XD )

  5. S. Rhodes says:

    Review by S. Rhodes for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

    +Very satisfying story

    +Incredible voice work

    +Incredible cinematics

    +Eagle eye attention to detail

    +A lot of gameplay elements

    +Memorable Music Soundtrack


    -Long cutscenes. To the point where you feel more like you’re watching than playing. This goes a long way as you’ll play for five seconds to be treated to cutscenes several minutes long

    -Some load times are really annoying

    -The Camera can sometimes be a pain

    After three and a half long years of waiting, Metal Gear Solid 4 finally drops down on the Playstation 3. With a lot of questions to answer and some mighty big shoes to fill, Metal Gear Solid 4 is easily one of the most anticipated video games ever made. For the Metal Gear fan, the game is absolutely fantastic. Continuing an already mesmerizing story, Metal Gear Solid 4 proves to be one of this generations greatest games.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is the conclusion to Snake’s story. The game is told through some gorgeous cutscenes. There’s a lot of detail to the characters faces, their actions and it has some fantastic voice acting to boot. You’ll want to grab some popcorn, though, because there are definitely a lot of cutscenes in Metal Gear Solid 4, and some of them are really long. This is easily the biggest problem with Metal Gear Solid 4 and it’s one that has often plagued the series. While the cutscenes are very dramatic and well written, and while they even shed some humor, some of them are just too long, some of them seeming almost useless. If a cutscene is getting a little long, though, it would be a grave mistake to skip it as you might miss some important parts of the story. And if there’s any Metal Gear Solid game one should be playing for its story, it’s this one. The other big problem with the cutscenes is how they come at you, even early on. There are moments where you’ll play for a matter of seconds only to be sit through a cutscene that’s several minutes long. At the very least, you can pause the game during the cutscenes. However, it’s hard to get over the fact that some of them really drag on. When you get to play the game, though, Metal Gear Solid 4 is amazing.

    Metal Gear Solid has always been about stealth. The same is true of Guns of the Patriots. The difference being that you’re also in the middle of a war and there are two sides fighting against one another, the PMCs and Militia. You’re able to help the militia and doing so can have its rewards, such as characters being willing to give you items or being able to go through certain areas more easily. Although, you can also turn the Militia against you.

    There have been some improvements to sneaking around, though. The camouflage system has returned but it’s much better. Rather than having to go into the menu constantly, Snake’s camo will change automatically to blend in with the environment and help him evade enemies. You can also hold up enemies just like before, only this time you can perform body searches while holding them up rather than having to shake them down. You can also restrain them to the ground to knock them out. If you really need to get by an enemy and you’re running out of options, you can always play dead. This also works when you get spotted and knocked down by an enemy.

    There’s also the implementation of the Solid Eye. This is more vital to sneaking around than anything. It works very similar to the radar in Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, showing you how much noise you or your enemy is making. Also new to here is the threat ring. The threat ring surrounds Snake at all times and will begin to act up depending on how close an enemy is to him. All of these seem like they’ll take forever to get used to, but you’ll quickly adapt. Just like previous games in the series, if you’re spotted, you’ll have to escape from the enemy and hide.

    There are also moments where you can take control of a Metal Gear Mk II, a very small version of Metal Gear that is controlled by Snake. This little guy allows Snake to scout out the area ahead. You can also use the Metal Gear Mk II to stun certain enemies.

    Lastly, Snake has a psyche gauge. This is very similar to the stamina gauge in Metal Gear Solid 3. The gauge depletes depending on how stressed or exhausted Snake is. You can refill this by eating certain snacks like Rations or Noodles, but you can also refill it by resting for a while. But there are plenty of factors that affect Psyche. For example, if Snake has been in the sun too long, you’ll have to move him into the shade. If he’s been in cold water, you’ll have to get him out of it. As his psyche gauge gets lower it becomes harder for him to perform certain actions, such as being able to aim properly. In other words, from time to time Snake will need to rest. Though there are also certain points in the game where his psyche gauge is restocked automatically.

    You won’t always be in stealth mode forever, though. There will be times when you have to fight, and the shooting mechanic works much better in Metal Gear Solid 4. When you’re thrust into combat, the game plays very similar to a third person shooter. Allowing for more precise aiming and no longer forcing you to go into first person view to land a well placed shot. There’s also a weapon shop where you can purchase, upgrade or customize weapons to your liking, another element that works to your liking and gives Metal Gear a lot of customization.

    All this variation in gameplay means that Metal Gear Solid 4 has several different ways to approach it. Combine it’s various gameplay elements with a selection of difficulty levels to up the challenge, and Metal Gear Solid 4, like the three before it, becomes a game you’ll want to replay again and again. Sometimes it’s just fun to mess around with your enemies or just to see how else you can go about a certain area.

    Visually, Metal Gear Solid 4 is incredible to look at. There’s a ton of detail in the environment, and the atmosphere is also a good one. You’re very much immersed in the world of Metal Gear Solid 4. There are a couple of load times that can be annoying, especially the installation. The camera, while it’s great, can sometimes be a pain. It’s easy to control, but sometimes you’ll find yourself fighting with it.

    Music wise, there’s a memorable score to Metal Gear Solid 4. There’s a lot of voice work as well. Much of it is great, although at times you will get the feeling that some of the voice actors and over-acting. On the whole, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a beautiful looking, (and sounding) game.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is an amazing experience. If you can handle lengthy cutscenes you’ll be satisfied with the final results. If you can handle a couple of annoying load times, you’ll be satisfied. The amount of gameplay here is incredible, and the fact that there are so many ways to go about each area is also a lot of fun. For Metal Gear fans, Metal Gear Solid 4 is easily the reason to own a Playstation 3.