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  1. James P. Wong says:

    Review by James P. Wong for Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable
    I received the Xbox360 Data Transfer Cable and used it to transfer all my data from my Xbox360 Elite console to my Xbox360 Halo Reach “Slim” console.

    Technically you are connecting ONLY the detached hard drive from your former console, hooking it up with this transfer cable, then connecting the other end to a USB port of the console you want to transfer data to.

    The cable comes in a box that is branded/designed the way all the new Xbox360 peripherals and games are showing up this year (those green “waves” and such).

    The process is very straightforward:

    (I did this while the Xbox360 Slim was already on, sitting idle in the 360 dashboard):

    1. Connect one specific end of the cable to the detached, non-slim 360 hard drive.

    2. Connect other USB end to any available USB port in the slim system (I plugged it into one of the two front ports)

    3. A prompt will appear, asking if you want to transfer TO or FROM the console.

    4. You can then individually select items to move, or move everything.

    One thing to note is that it transferred all my content to the Xbox360 Slim EXCEPT for games that were installed to the HDD (that is, disc games I installed to the HDD before for quicker access times). Not a big deal and it transferred everything else (some 800+ files) without incident.

    Remember that if you transfer data you still may have to “transfer licenses” – if you don’t, then some content (such as downloaded XBLA games or other downloaded content) may not be playable if you aren’t online and signed into Xbox Live. This isn’t a big deal for me because I am always online when the Xbox is on. Do a google search for “xbox360 license transfer” and one of the first pages should be a link to the Microsoft page on the matter. This will move the actual ‘licenses’ over as well, allowing you to play your downloaded/purchased Xbox Live content when you are not signed on to the net. Additional note: you can only transfer licenses ONCE per year, technically. Then you just have to sit tight, or take it up with Microsoft via phone support (I can’t vouch for having done the latter 🙂

    Like other reviewers say, once you’re done with it… well that’s it 🙁 I’ll be holding onto mine as I have friends transitioning their data from one console to another. That said, save money by just pitching in for one then and using it amongst your 360-owning friends 🙂

  2. dmena says:

    Review by dmena for Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable
    I Bought this July 14 2010 The shipping was incredibly fast. I needed this to transfer my information from my old xbox to the new xbox and this cable was great it tranfered all my information.

  3. EmpD says:

    Review by EmpD for Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable
    I purchased this product as I was upgrading from my old 20 GB pro to the new 250 GB slim. I decided on the cable to transfer over everything instead of using memory sticks as I wanted to get the licenses for my DLC transferred over as well.

    Setup was a snap as all you need to do is place the old hard drive on one end of the cable and plug the other end into a 360 with the new hard drive, then follow the prompts that come up.

    It took only about 7-8 minutes for all the data to be transferred over, and everything came over intact. I did not even need to recover any account profiles that were on the old hard drive.

    All in all, I was very satisfied with the results and now intend to see how long it will take to fill up my new hard drive.

  4. Adar ICT says:

    Review by Adar ICT for Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable
    The Data Transfer cable sounds like a great thing to have, and it does work. Unfortunately, it is pretty limited in usefulness. The only people who really get a benefit out of this, are people with a ton of DLC. Also, you are only likely to use it one time. It isn’t very likely that you will be transferring your content back and forth between Xboxes. Also, it only copies over the data. You still have to manually transfer the licenses for any of your DLC by either going to the […] support site, or calling Microsoft. Not that it is a difficult process. Online, it takes less than 5 minutes. You still have to re-download your DLC, but each item only takes a couple seconds, because it isn’t redownloading the stuff, just the licenses associated with it.

    As far as the kit itself, as I said, it works correctly and pretty intuitively. You can either tell it to copy everything, or manually select just the things you want to copy over. Restoring it onto the target Xbox is just as easy. The kit is well constructed, and I’m sure it will last me for a long time, or at least until after I upgrade my second Xbox.

    I know that there are some unofficial uses for this kit, which might make this worthwhile for more people, but in general, I wouldn’t bother with this kit. Just redownload your DLC and be done with it. Yes it may take longer depending on your internet connection, but you end up saving yourself the cost of this kit. If you have a bunch of DLC (in my case, all of the Fallout 3 DLC plus hundreds of Rock Band and Guitar Hero tracks), and you don’t mind spending a few bucks to save your self some time, then go for it.

    For everyone else, I wouldn’t bother.

  5. Wes says:

    Review by Wes for Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable
    This was a fast and easy transfer, I was transferring a 120 gig hard drive to the new xbox 360 slim and it was fast, i got all my data. GOOD product!

  6. J. Figueroa says:

    Review by J. Figueroa for Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console
    Ok, short story about what happened to me…. Saturday, before MW2 came out, my Falcon Elite displayed an E74 error message. My falcon had been “repaired” before due to RROD. So as you all can understand, I was pretty pissed off. Anyway, since amazon claimed this bundle was the “newest” version (newest chip), I decided to take the plunge and get it. My Falcon will be back from Microsoft next week and I plan to sell it, now that I have the MW2 console.

    Anyway, so far, this bundle is the “newest version” and a must buy IMO, why? it comes with TWO controllers, a 250G HD and Modern Warfare 2. Reviewers have made arguments about the controllers feeling either smaller or cheap..take it from an actual Elite owner…the controllers or console’s obvious built is NOT different than previous Elite versions, someone said something about this console having “too much plastic”,so I guess they were refering to the DVD tray; it is now all black, the regular Elite tray is silver, this of course does not mean it is metal, it is still plastic.

    Anyway, you will get the following in this bundle: two black controllers, an ethernet cable, a basic video cable (not a componet one), NO HDMI cable, a black headset, and the 250G HD, MW2 regular edition and that’s pretty much it.

    Now, how do I know this is a Jasper console? The power brick is smaller and the voltage is different compared to the Falcon Elites. It does run smoother and the noise from the DVD drive has been taken down a notch.

    I should mention though, that so far, I have been forced to use my Falcon Elite’ 120G HD, because Microsoft’s customer support claims they are out of the “data transfer kits”, that I MUST WARN YOU, now cost $12 and you can only buy it from MS. Quick tip: Microsoft’s CS hours are US Eastern time, so, if you call in early, they will have the transfer kits, if you call too late, near their closing time (1:00am US easterm time), they’ll claim to be out of kits, trust me, I called them at least 4 times.

    Now, about the over all look of the console, honestly, it does look good, but $400 good?? not really. The only reason for anybody to buy this console is the HD storage room, plus the fact that if you do the “math”, the bundle is a pretty good deal, because a normal Elite will cost you $300, that’s with only one controller and no game. Anyway, if you have a 120G Elite with plentyof HD space; this bundle is a matter of wanting to upgrade to a bigger HD, having a broken/malfunctioning Elite like mine or simply having the cash to spend.

    Hope this helps.

  7. J.Fox says:

    Review by J.Fox for Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console
    Pre-ordered this bundle back in September, was worried at first about the release date shipping. This is my first release date purchase through Amazon. Received it at 10 am on release date…awesome. Now that we have that out of the way. This bundle is a great deal for first time Xbox users/purchasers. Comes with 2 controllers, this is great for a family purchase….no more children fighting over taking turns until you get to the store to purchase another controller. The 250 GB harddrive is great. I currently own 2 other 360’s(one is mine, the other purchased for my wife) both 20gb. With all of the music, movies, and DLC I have had to constantly delete stuff that I have paid for just to make room for new games. This led me to purchase the 250GB harddrive, after transferring everything over I still have TONS of room to install all of my most played games. (For those of you new to 360’s…this helps the games run smoother with less load times and it keeps the noise level down on the system). If you are a fan of the COD franchise or even new this 360 is great! The black 360 with the custom MW2 theme looks great. I have always thought about painting my other 360 black to make it look better in my entertainment center…black 58″ tv, black surround sound system, black cable box, black modem, and lastly a black PS3. A White xbox stands out quite a bit amongst all of this equipment. I would highly recommend this purchase to people just starting out with the new gaming system or even hardcore 360 players who are just looking to expand the experience. I know this review is getting extensive but im just trying to cover everything….now on to the MW2 game. SIMPLY AMAZING! Looks great, sounds great, plays great. I have been into the COD franchise for quite a while, have been religiously playing COD 4 MW for over 2 years now and can see myself playing this one for another 2 as well. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME! Thanks for reading the review and happy gaming! -J.Fox

  8. Joseph Maiz says:

    Review by Joseph Maiz for Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console
    For those that were wondering about a ‘special edition’ xbox, take it from me- This would be my second console of a special edition and my 3rd xbox – by far, the best one yet to invest in.

    Two factors made me get this one:

    1- It’s a JASPER; whats that?? Its the smaller cpu chips on the motherboard of the console. This results in a cooler xbox, and thus a longer lifespan and less power usage. The Red Ring of Death (RROD) issues should not be seen here for a long time. this also runs smoother, takes less power, and makes less noise.

    2- When I looked at this deal and compared it to the elite, this is what I came to conclusion: For $300, The elite for $100 less than this version, but is missing one controller and the game MW2. Because the game is $60 currently and a controller is $40, that makes up the difference in price. What you gain is a larger hard drive for free (250gb vs 120gb).

    If you do not want the game and have no need for a second controller, stick to the elite, but by all means, get this xbox if you want the game and a second controller- best bang-for-your-buck.

    Now the downside: No HD cable. It sucks, but last special edition xbox’s were the Resident Evil and the Halo3 xbox had them included:

    Resident evil came with:

    # Limited Edition Red Xbox 360 Elite System

    # 120GB hard drive

    # Xbox 360 Headset (black, wired)

    # Resident Evil 5 game

    # Red Wireless Controller

    # HDTV-ready component HD AV cable

    # HDMI cable

    # Ethernet cable

    # Token card that allows you to download Super Street Fighter ll Turbo HD Remix AND exclusive Resident Evil Premium Theme via Xbox Live

    Halo3 verison came with:

    * Halo 3 Special Edition Console

    * Halo 3 Special Edition Wireless Controller

    * Halo 3 Special Edition 20GB Hard Drive

    * Halo 3 Special Edition Wired Headset

    * Halo 3 Special Edition Gamer Pics and Theme (Exclusive download via Xbox LIVE)

    * Component HD AV Cable

    * Ethernet Cable

    * HDMI Port

    * Play & Charge Kit

    * Xbox LIVE Silver Membership

    * One-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership

    Both special editions came with an HD cable to hook up with, while the new MW2 version does not. Halo version was another ‘almost hit’, lacking the game Halo3. The RE version was better, but had only one controller- not a big deal.

    In the end, having the game and two controllers for me was the way to go; If you want the HD cable, you need to buy it, but otherwise, this is the console to get today (11/20/09) vs the Elite xbox.

  9. V. Racanelli says:

    Review by V. Racanelli for Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console
    I bascially decided to pick this up for two reasons.

    1. My wife yes my wife was hogging the console for Netflix, movies and the occasional game. She was addicted to Fable 2.

    2. I’ve had the old Pro version for almost 3 years and I was tired of deleting stuff off of my hard drive in order to make room for a new game I just loaded.

    3. This was a great deal.

    Consider this a standard elite console is $299.99, a copy of MW2 is 59.99 and an additional controller is 49.99 add those to the price and guess what it’s higher than the cost of this. So look at it this way you basically get the bonus of a 250 Gb hard drive for free.

    To be totally honest as cool as the console looks in person it’s not as awesome in person because It doesn’t have as much of a gun metal look as I had hoped but that’s okay because I’m more concerned about the hard ware.

    It does run cooler way cooler than my old one and even the DVD drive is quieter. Is it as quiet as my PS3 no but it’s close. A good buy lower power consumption and much more quiet. Just think MS if you had released this product in this format 2 years ago Sony would be toast because all of their advantages have been hardware based and this is the best I’ve seen on the market from Microsoft for hardware. It’s not enough to make a PS3 owner want to switch but It’s a better deal than the PS3 250 gb version that’s out for those out there who can’t decide.

  10. B. Snider says:

    Review by B. Snider for Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Console
    I could list pros and cons but why? There are only pros to buying this setup. So on to the pros:

    Modified Xbox 360 Elite color scheme that fits in well with other components of a home theater system.

    Modern Warfare 2 game.

    250GB hard drive.

    Two black wireless controllers.

    Great price for the included goodies. I just wish it came with a HDMI cable, I knew that it didn’t I just wish it had.

    As other reviewers have stated, the jewel case for MW2 was fractured badly and I had to replace it with a generic one. That seems odd that this issue has come up repeatedly.