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  1. hammerhead says:

    Review by hammerhead for Magellan RoadMate 1470 4.7-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Factory Refurbished)
    I originally ordered a Garmin and sent it back for the 1470 since the Garmin froze up on my Wife and it could not find a satellite when the unit rested on my lap while traveling down a main road in Pittsburgh.

    Now, I wont bore you with my trip to Grandmaws house. The bottom line is the 1470 GPS worked well until I updated the maps. Two days after the 2.20 map update the unit froze and finally lockedup on the Magellan startup screen. There is no way to reset the unit and connecting it to a computer did not help as the computer wouldn’t recognize the unit was connected. You would think Magellan would actually have a little reset hole on the unit. After reading about similar problems online I realized the unit cannot be fixed and must be returned.

    I liked the size of the screen, the maps and the lane assist feature, however the on/off switch is really cheesey. The switch has 3 positions on/off/reset and it is very easy to put the GPS in the reset position rather that off, in fact I dont know if using the off position actually turns the GPS off, it seems like mine usually ended up in the reset position, maybe that contributed to the malfunction. The other complaint users have it the 12v connection is on the bottom of the unit.

    After I updated the maps I notice several roads completed for a couple years were not shown on their so called new map update. Why cant they sell these units with the latest maps, I suspect its some kind of scam to milk another $80 out of you.

    The good: The Magellans can find a satellite while I’m in my house and they obtain the signal rather quickly.

    I will order another 1470 and NOT update the maps if I can find one for $99.00 as I was happy until it quit working.

    Now my opinion on GPS’s:

    Anyone paying much more than $100 for any GPS is crazy. I bought my Wife a refurbished Magellan last year for Christmas and it has worked great, I have used it daily since I am a Trucker.

    I understand if you send the GPS in to be fixed they send you back a refurbished unit anyway, so how would you feel about that after spending about $300 on a new one.

    I believe that these GPS mfgs add a couple of new chicken resturants to the POI’s and that constitutes a map update, gimme $80 please.

  2. muhp says:

    Review by muhp for Magellan RoadMate 1470 4.7-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Factory Refurbished)
    The refurbished 1470 gps receiver unit has a slide switch on top for power-off. There’s no reset as described by another reviewer. Maybe this one has different hardware version (version 4 as listed in the “product configuration” menu.)

    make sure you have your computer antivirus enabled before attaching the USB cable to the 1470. AVG antivirus detected and removed LCASS.EXE virus located in f:/recycle bin and “Worm/Slow” virus in f:/autorun.inf.

    while the vehicle was moving some lags were observed between the vehicle actual position and what’s showing on the map. And it appeared that the lags got worst when in zoom “out” mode, which displayed more streets. The position lag was about 2 seconds in zoom “in” mode. If you missed the exit, the reroute process occurred very fast.

    when there’s a divider in the middle of the road, the lane assist “feature” sometimes showed me two choices. One went to the wrong side of the road!!!

    after the car powered on the unit acquired the satellites pretty quick, within 20 sec.

    I was quite happy with the magellan 1470 until I updated the software from version 1.12 to version 2.20 downloaded from the web. The unit was hosed after the update. I sent the unit back for an exchange…So DO NOT UPDATE TO 2.20.

    updates – 01/30/2010

    I receive a “new” refurbished gps today…only three days after I sent the “hosed” unit back…I’m impressed!!! this one has the same hardware/software versions (hardware version 4 and software version 1.12) as the returned one. Since I’m happy with the way it is with version 1.12…I won’t do the software update again.

    if you run the 1470 on battery, the battery is only last for 1 hour. Not 3 hours as listed in the spec.

  3. Magic Man says:

    Review by Magic Man for Magellan RoadMate 1470 4.7-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Factory Refurbished)
    This is our family’s first GPS and we are pleased with it overall. We have been using it for about one month now and feel good about this product. It took a bit of getting used to learn its features. We have one deaf driver in our family so we had researched quite a bit to be sure that the GPS we picked was high on visual directions. Another plus is that one can read the street signs on the GPS when in an unfamiliar neighborhood at night given that one cannot read the street signs in the dark!

    Please keep in mind that we are very happy with this particular GPS as we list some of the weaknesses.

    1) There is no indicator that the battery is being charged when charging it. An indicator would have been helpful in determining the amount of battery power left in the GPS.

    2) There is no hard copy user’s manual given. We obtained ours from on-line and it was not the best instruction manual I have seen. It stated mostly the obvious.

    3) Switching from one window to another could be a bit improved; We still haven’t figured out how to get to the desired window easily.

    4) I would love a “walking” feature in addition to mapping by car.

    5) Entering a destination could be improved. They ask first for the city name. When I think of an address, I think of it as I would write it on an envelope so it is confusing to me to first enter the city, then street name, then the house number. The order is awkward.

  4. Jenny says:

    Review by Jenny for Magellan RoadMate 1470 4.7-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Factory Refurbished)
    Our previous Magellan RoadMate was stolen out of my husband’s car. We loved it, and decided to replace it with a newer model Magellan; never even considered other brands. We bought the refurbished 1470.

    It has some good features, like the big, bright screen, but it’s ridiculously glitchy.

    We just took it on vacation and thank goodness we had written directions to fall back on. We’d be cruising along just fine, and then all of a sudden, the screen would flash, and when it came back on, our destination address had changed to latitude and longitude coordinates and it was directing us to make a u-turn or otherwise go somewhere that we knew we shouldn’t be going.

    This happened several different times, on different routes. On one occasion (it was actually the first time it happened, before we knew to ignore it!), we were just about to arrive at our destination when the screen flashed. When it came back on, we were instructed us to make a left turn even though our destination was straight ahead. We complied, thinking that maybe it knew something we didn’t, but after following for a couple more turns and winding up in the middle of nowhere, we canceled the route and input our destination all over again. It then got us there without any trouble.

    Unfortunately, it’s not always convenient to cancel and re-input…particularly if you’re negotiating traffic in unfamiliar territory….or have to quickly know which way to fork after a tollbooth or you’ll be on the wrong highway and there’s no way you can cancel/re-enter fast enough….or are without a co-pilot and don’t want to be fiddling with this thing when you need to be paying attention to the road. It’s unnerving to feel like you can’t rely on your gps. I’m tired of having to second-guess it and bring backup google map printouts!

    Of course, when we returned from vacation, we were a week out of our amazon return period. I’m now going to contact Magellan directly and see whether there’s anything we can do to either fix or return this piece of crap.

  5. Magellan says:

    Review by Magellan for Magellan RoadMate 1470 4.7-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Factory Refurbished)
    I received this GPS in Sept. 2009. It worked well at first, and except for a couple of head-scratching routes, worked fine. That is until I updated the firmware to 2.20. It froze the unit and wouldn’t work at all. After swapping emails with a robot for a few days I received a RMA authorization. I had to send back via FEDEX or UPS. After 8 days I still haven’t received a replacement. To this day Magellan still hasn’t acknowledged this problem even though there are many reports of this problem on the internet. My advice is if you don’t own this model, don’t buy. If you own it, don’t update it. I plan to attempt a refund of return shipping fees or perhaps start a class action lawsuit. Magellan should admit problems, stop others from encountering this problem, and expedite replacements at their expense.