How To Print On Mugs Using Sublimation Printing?

Before starting sublimation printing on mugs, you should know “how to print on mugs sublimation?” The sublimation printing process is done on the glazed ceramic surfaced cups/mugs. In this process, you need a dye sublimation printer, transfer paper, a ceramic surfaced cup, and a heat press machine. Also, we can use sublimation blanks for mug sublimation. Sublimation blanks are the rolls of plastic or paper that help to easily print with sublimation ink. 

You have to check the dimensions of the mugs and the picture or design that you want to print on the mug. If you are running your business, most of the customers will give you their designs or pictures to print on a mug. Also, it will be a good present if you want to give a gift to someone. So, stay with us to know about the best sublimation cups printing. It is ideal to use a sublimation printer for this process but you can use a normal printer for it too. Find out what printers can be converted for sublimation and use one of those printers.

how to print on mugs sublimation?

1st step Choosing the graphics or pictures.

It is the most important step before starting sublimation cups printing. In this step, choose the right graphics and patterns for your mug/cup. First, you have to know about the dimensions of your cup, then you will find pictures. You can easily edit pictures or graphics with the help of canvas, adobe, or some other free online graphics editing application.  

2nd step  Process of printing image.  

After finalizing the cup and graphics, you need a sublimation printer on which you can choose the settings for mug sublimation printing. But keep in mind not to use a 300dpi resolution printer that will use more ink and will not give you good results. You can buy a sublimation printer that can print sublimation paper of size 8.5×11″ or 11″x17″. When you buy sublimation paper, you can also buy pre-cut sublimation papers according to your mug/cup dimensions. 

3rd step  Cutting of paper, time, and heat settings of the machine.

If you have papers that are already cut as your cup/mug size, you can use that paper without cutting. If you have simple sublimation paper, you have to cut the edges of that paper carefully. So, that it should be easily wrapped onto your cup without any issues. Before cutting the printed paper, you must prepare your heat press machine. 

Before printing, a prepared heat press machine will be beneficial for you because the heat press will accumulate a lot of heat. Which helps to easily transfer print from paper to your coffee mug. While printing the cup, we heated the machine for 5 to 6 minutes at 415° Fahrenheit. This time and heat setting of the heat press helps to print the decently complete image on our coffee mug.

4th step  Place the mug into the mug heat press machine. 

Wrap the paper on your mug carefully, and your paper should not be wrinkled or damaged. Keep in mind that your sublimation paper should be in its place throughout the whole process. Then place the mug into the mug press machine. But first, ensure that you use heat resistance tape for wrapping paper around your cup/mug. 

5th step  Remove the mug from the mug press machine.

When the timer goes off, you can remove the mug but you have to remove the mug without damaging the paper. But don’t touch the cup/mug with your uncovered hands because the cup will be too hot (due to the heat of the mug press machine). First, cover your hands with gloves or with any cloth and remove the cup from the press machine. Then let the mug cool for 45 to 60 minutes before using a sublimated cup/mug.

how to print on mugs sublimation?


Make a present for your loving ones with the help of our above-mentioned method. If you are a businessman of mug sublimation then you can make your customers happy. Follow or get information from our provided brief detail and make attractive prints by knowing that how to print on mugs sublimation?

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