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  1. D. Bodington says:

    Review by D. Bodington for Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Pink (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
    I just got my new shuffle in the mail today. I needed something for running and dreadmilling when it is too snowy/icy to run outside.

    My initial impressions:


    Great little thing (small)

    strong clip

    easy to use (hooray for buttons!)

    simple, multi-position switch on the top lets you play in order or shuffle. Voice over button is easy to use and works well.

    Easy to sync (choose playlists, genius playlists, albums, artists, podcasts, etc…)

    Looks good (see my notes about online photos at the bottom)

    Long (15h) battery life.


    None. (As far am I concerned, there are cons like “no screen” and such, but if you order this to get an ipod shuffle, not a nano or other mp3 player, you will not be disappointed. I was not let down at all).

    EDIT: After some thought and use, I thought of some cons.

    $50 for 2gb is not a great price compared to other mp3 players.

    2gb might be limiting to you. This just means you have to choose or let itunes choose what music goes on there carefully.

    Because the buttons take up most of the front of the ipod, it can be hard to use the clip while it is turned on without pressing the next button.


    If you know what an ipod shuffle does, need a reasonable music player that syncs with your itunes, and don’t need more. GET ONE!!! I can’t imagine you will be let down.

    One last note: From all the photos online, you can’t really tell, bu this is not a matte finish ipod. The finish is shiny, but not mirror-y. And actually, no one will care about this, but the top and bottom are matte silver. It looks good.

  2. Future Retro says:

    Review by Future Retro for Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Pink (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
    Just ran down to the Apple store yesterday and got one, a few thoughts


    +Thank god the buttons are back

    +The clip has good tension

    +Voiceover is actually useful



    -no hold function (really Apple?)

    -requires iTunes 10

    -no equalizer

    -build quality is lacking

    -usb cord is short

    -Applecare costs $30

    The iPod shuffle is story with lots of twists, a tragedy, and now they are trying to restore this to it’s original glory. The 2nd generation has a hold function, a long, and quality USB dock and was built like a rock. It was my favorite iPod out of the 10+ I’ve had over the years.

    This one is far too small, there’s no room no grip it without hitting the buttons, which would be okay if there was a hold switch, but there isn’t. If you want to grip this thing hard enough to open the clip then you are going to hit the control dial and change songs. The build quality is also lacking, I got it for snowboarding, and I would be very scared in a fall with the new iPod shuffle. It’s too light and feels as if you can depress the body with a hard enough press.

    One thing I do like about the new shuffle is the voiceover, it’s not a native ability and needs to be downloaded and synced using iTunes. Fairly straightforward; hit the dedicated button to hear what you are listening to (song name, then artist), hold it to scroll through your playlists and have them read aloud to you as you hit FF or RR, and then press it twice in quick succession to hear the battery level. What I love about it though, is that if you pause and then hit FF or RR it will call out the songs you’re passing though, so you can just find one you want and then hit play. Is it that much better than listening to the first few seconds of the song?…a little, like if you want to hear a certain artist but don’t know every song from them that made it onto your iPod.

    All and all it’s a good little player, I’m so glad the design is back, it’s priced well and exceedingly charming, but a few problems, especially the hold switch keep it from being truly great like the second generation was.


    A few updates after a week or so of usage and to elaborate on points in original review:

    Hold switch: it’s definitely going to be a problem, not enough to return it but enough to negatively affect day to day usage

    Durability: the iPod took a hard fall directly on concrete, still works fine but the part where it hit the ground looks like it went through a car wreck

    iTunes 10: the hype and hatred against iTunes 10 seems to be misplaced, it’s just another update, however I still don’t like having to update to use the new iPods

    USB cord: would have been nice to stick with the old dock, the new cord is 3 inches long, usb on one side and 3.5mm stereo on the other, easily transported but easily lost, doesn’t compliment a desk well

    Applecare: I would have gotten Applecare would it have been $20, but at $30 it’s approaching doubling the overall purchase price, it would most likely be best to hold off, and if you ever break it chances are the next iPod shuffle will be out by the time you do

    Equalizer: still wish it was there, it could be easily set within iTunes. I will try and see if setting the equalizer of each individual song will help but when listening to the iPod in my car, and CD’s burned using iTunes, the iPod songs have no mid range, the equalizer in the car was the same with each

  3. David D. says:

    Review by David D. for Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Pink (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
    Just to correct some of the previous reviews…the big problem with the 3rd gen shuffle was not that it was “too small” or even that the controls were not on the unit itself, but instead were on the headphone line…the problem was if those controls got even the SLIGHTEST (and I do mean slightest) bit of moisture on them it would totally jack up the shuffle. Now, what kind of activities would most people buy the tiny shuffle mp3 player for versus a nano or standard iPod? Oh, maybe jogging or working out? And what do you do with physical activities like this? That’s right, you sweat! So it doesn’t take a rocket scientiest to see the problem with the 3rd gen shuffle…a problem that should have been seen before they ever even produced it. Just read all the reviews for the 3rd gen and you’ll see that this was not just a minor issue, but a huge one that the majority of the users had to deal with. It is good to see they came to their sense and we can once again use the shuffle during exercise.

  4. Rigo_suave says:

    Review by Rigo_suave for Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Pink (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
    So ive had my new little shuffle for almost a month now and am very proud to have bought it. I wanted to post one little review against all the criticisms that ignorant people have posted on here so here it goes..

    you pay for what you get, and even though apple is a name brand i am willing to pay the little extra for a name brand product that has few flukes. yea last years shuffle sucked big fat ones but the people have been heard and so thanks apple for bringing back the buttons! Ppl seem to forget that yea u can buy a sansa 4gb for the same price but apple is like the sony of music, and the more you pay the better quality the product is. how often do you see the little sansa players last more than a yr? if your like most americans that would be never..

    and as for those people who are moaning about itunes 10 – just download the f-ing thing..honestly..i have windows xp basic and have had no problems with anything. syncing music is not that difficult plz ppl..dont listen to the negative reviews they do not know how to set itunes correctly..if you have something b4 xp you need to upgrade already seriously! its totally not hard and there are tons of ways of doing it for free. if itunes still has problems then find a solution instead of giving up so easy. mine didnt come out of the box with perfect compatibility either SO I FIXED IT – press the help button

    as for the clip – yea u tend to press buttons while clipping it but you could have figured that out by looking at the thing before buying it. i am a marathon runner and am obsessed with my shuffle so trust me it is not that big of a deal just clip it and go back to the song if you have to (or turn it on after you clip if your SO worried about it..) are we that lazy that we cant go back to the prev song because its not convenient?

    as for being afraid to scratch the device by turning it on – dont be. it wont cuz i turn mine on with my nail all the time and still looks new, and even if it does it wont diminish the sound quality or function any different. you cant see micro scratches like those unless you try so don’t worry bout it!

    the voiceover is very ez to use..just press once for description, 2x for battery, and hold for playlist…IT IS NOT HARD

    the little 3 inch or so usb connector leaves your shuffle dangling lol but yea whats the big deal about this guys? its not going anywhere

    and if your worried about whether or not you shuffle is on heres what you do – TURN IT OFF OR PLUG IN HEADPHONES – why would you leave it on ??????

    and dont get me started on “you can lose it its so small!..”, if you lose this thing you dont deserve one anyway so take care of your stuff

    all in all i love my new shuffle and it is a blessing to runners or gym rats. so yea apple forgot a hold button O WELL…for 50 bucks you need to overlook the little things and learn to appreciate what is already there. Simplicity meets style, and apple has not let us down with this one. If your still upset about the shuffle go buy something else, otherwise enjoy

  5. Bryan Lemke says:

    Review by Bryan Lemke for Apple iPod shuffle 2 GB Pink (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL
    This item looks cool, and that’s about it.

    To start off, the packaging looks cool. It is a pain to open, a pain to get everything out of, and a pain to get to the product. Because of how it is designed, it was nigh to impossible to get to the “instruction manual” later on when we needed to reference something. I’d rather it look less cool and be more functional.

    Next is the product…it looks cool. It is a pain to use, and the instruction course necessary to go through in order to use the product isn’t worth it. I’m coming from other MP3 players because everybody was telling me to get an iPod. In order to use different features, you need to remember how many times to press the single utility button it gives you, or hold the button down and then press it once, or press the button down and twirl around three times while you sing a lullaby and then press the button in morse code spelling “T-H-I-S B-I-T-E-S” (Not really, but that’s what it felt like).

    I would rather have a piece of equipment that looked less cool, was half the price, and was easier to get to and use… something like every other MP3 player I’ve had. The two stars came because the sound quality was good enough to keep it from a single star. If this is what Apple products are, this is my last Apple product…sorry, Mr. Jobs.