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  1. D. Bowman says:

    Review by D. Bowman for Apple iMac MB952LL/A 27-Inch Desktop
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2LW6SMF3APUT2 It is hard to capture how beautiful this computer is in words much less video.

    You have to see it in person.

    I accidentally listed it on-screen as 2.26GHz, it should say 2.66GHz.

    I took a stab at a video review.

    I hope you enjoy.

    Let me know your feedback, thanks!

  2. korova says:

    Review by korova for Apple iMac MB952LL/A 27-Inch Desktop
    Many reviewers have already thoroughly discussed the essential hardware and software features of the 27″ iMac. So, I am focusing this review on my experience of upgrading from a G4 igloo iMac that was running System 10.5.8 .

    Migration Assistant

    *I used a Firewire 400 to Firewire 800 cable to move the contents of my old computer to the new machine with Migration Assistant.

    *The process was virtually seamless, with only a few minor adjustments necessary to the transferred data. Only four applications required reinstallation: ClamXav, iTunes (due to the Soundflower plugin–in any case, no music was lost or damaged), Microsoft Expression Media 2, and a Juniper Networks remote access program (part of a corporate telecommuting package).

    *Rules for Little Snitch, a third party utility, need to be reestablished.

    *Customized preferences for Spotlight must be reentered.

    Magic Mouse

    *iMacs now come with a wireless mouse as standard equipment. The Magic Mouse is a vast improvement over the Apple Mouse (aka Mighty Mouse) because it doesn’t have a roller ball that eventually stops working. In fact, there aren’t any external moving parts on the Magic Mouse, other than the on/off switch.

    *Exposé and Dashboard functions are now on the top row of the keyboard, not on mouse buttons.


    *The chiclet style keys took me a little while to get used to, but now I prefer them to traditional “long stroke” keys.

    *For some reason, Apple has made a compact laptop keyboard the standard iMac keyboard (Steve Jobs must be nostalgic for the original 1984 Mac keyboard). Anybody who relies on Page keys for navigation or on a numeric keypad for data entry is out of luck.

    *An extended keyboard with Home/Pg Up/Pg Dn/Delete keys and a number pad is available as a build-to-order option, along with additional memory, upgrades to desktop-class processors, and other treats, at the online Apple Store.

    Audio System

    *Optical digital audio input and output requires cables or cable adapters with 3.5mm plugs. Standard size TOSLINK connectors won’t work. Also, digital audio I/O is run through the microphone and headphone ports. It is consequently impossible to use headphones or an external mic when the computer is setup for optical digital audio use.

    *The speakers are a weak point in the design. They are small, underpowered, and sound tinny. I think the igloo iMacs had much better sound. If I recall correctly, they had a specially tuned amplifier–plus the speakers were fairly large and were not built into the computer housing. Users who use their iMac as their main music source or who work with music and sound will want to buy a separate pair of speakers.

    Using the computer: screen, fan noise, heat, Rosetta

    *This iMac is all about the gigantic 27″ screen. It’s incredibly sharp and bright, with better-than-HD resolution. Excel users will love being able to see columns A-AE and rows 1-95 all at once at 100% zoom. No more wasting time scrolling around and splitting windows. Photos, movies, and graphics all look absolutely fabulous.

    *I initially thought I would hate the glossy finish on the screen, especially after seeing how much glare demo models at the Apple Store showed. But, as it turns out, the shiny glass isn’t distracting at all in my home office. That said, anybody who hasn’t ever seen a glossy screen computer in person should go check one out before placing an order.

    *Something that I miss from my igloo iMac is the ability to move the screen both from left to right (x-axis) and up and down (y-axis). Aluminum iMac screens can only be swiveled up and down, in a fairly limited range.

    *Under most conditions, the computer runs very quietly. Fan noise is normally inaudible.

    *The top of the computer can become noticeably hot to the touch. Not hot enough to cook the proverbial egg, but definitely warmer than most other electronic devices (except for the original PlayStation3, otherwise known as the Sony Spaceheater).

    *PowerPC applications run well under Rosetta. Once it is downloaded automatically, upon demand, it runs invisibly.

    Some early buyers have reported display problems

    *Sporadic screen flickering (Update: Apple released downloadable fixes for this on 21 Dec. and 1 Feb.)

    *Color temperature differences between the top and bottom of the screen

    *See the Apple Support discussion boards for details (links in the Comments area below)

    Bottom line: it’s the screen, the SCREEN, THE SCREEN!! Massive amounts of screen real estate, combined with fast performance, make the 27″ Aluminum iMac a true joy to use for both work and play. One star penalty for not making an extended keyboard standard and for the terrible built-in sound system.


    May 2010 Addendum

    Q: With hindsight, would I still buy this machine?

    A: Yes!

  3. Joseph Binotto says:

    Review by Joseph Binotto for Apple iMac MB952LL/A 27-Inch Desktop
    I wanted to write this review not only because this is the most amazing iMac ever, but largely because I see way too many reviews with the expensive i5 or i7 chips versus the Intel Core Duo. I purchased my iMac via Apple site in order to upgrade the specs to 3.33GHZ INTEL CORE 2 DUO processor and increase the memory to 8GB 1066MHZ DDR3 SDRAM – 4X2GB.

    For those that never owned an iMac, let me tell you how easy and amazing it is to get started. After you unboxed it, the only cable required is the power cord into an outlet. Hit the power button hidden behind the screen and sit back. Within minutes it finds your wireless router (if you want, you can connect Ethernet direct with the built-in 10/100/1000), the wireless keyboard, and the new magic mouse. If you owned a prior iMac like me, the iMac asked you to connect a fire wire cable to the old machine and it will copy all your files, folders, programs, and settings for you.

    Once all this was done (approximately 45 minutes for all my files and programs to move over), I was simply AMAZED! The screen is flawless. The picture is unlike anything I have ever seen before. The use of this Mac for reading mail and the web is simply unmatched. The large screen easily allows two browser windows open at the same time. The clarity of the letters and colors on this super bright LCD screen will simply blow you away. It is a joy to use and work on.

    Now the specs. My machine is super fast and the SD card slot is a welcome addition. There isn’t anything it can’t do for the average user like me (& I would guess for anyone else). I like to keep dozens of widgets on my desktop including several weather radar screens, multiple city weather forecasts, and my favorite widget of all = the June Cloud delivery status for Macs. I used to be a PC person and enjoyed Yahoo widgets. But it would consume 90% of my memory and cause the system to crash constantly. But Macs and its widgets don’t take more than a 3-5% of my total memory & work flawlessly. I also use Macs for iPhoto and the thousands of my digital pictures. Here again, no performance issues and the pictures load lighting fast. I could go on and on, but it just works flawlessly.

    I can’t recommend this machine highly enough. Not only for its Mac OS but the 27″ screen is simply AMAZING! For you PC users that never thought about using a Mac, you should give this one a try.

  4. Derek J. Banas says:

    Review by Derek J. Banas for Apple iMac MB952LL/A 27-Inch Desktop
    I’ve used a Pentium 4, 3.4GHz Dell XPS as my main computer for the last 4 years. I had no reason to complain with it’s overall performance. I was drawn into the Mac world mainly because of my interest in I-Phone development. I started with a Mac Mini and was blown away by the Mac OS. I now have this amazingly beautiful 27″ iMac. Let me do my best at explaining why I’m going 100% Mac.

    The setup of the Mac consisted of 2 steps. Plug it in and hit the power button. The wireless networking, sets up in seconds. I was worried that I would have pairing issues with the wireless mouse and keyboard, but after using this computer for 2 weeks I have had zero issues there. My mail, video conferencing (iChat), and calendar also where set up within minutes of turning the computer on. According to one reviewer, who couldn’t get Safari to open 2 web pages at a time hit Command + T.

    In reference to speed, Photoshop and other Film Editing software runs quicker than on my PC and loads in a tenth of the time. Oh, by the way, the computer starts up and is 100% functional in about 10 seconds! iPhoto works like a dream. With facial recognition, it will organize your photos with ease. iMovie gives you the ability to create fun DVD’s of your home movies. I personally love working with iWork. Others who have worked with Office for years do seem to dislike it though. I believe this is just a preference thing, however it definitely may be a deal breaker. I like it because of the ease of use I found in Keynote (Presentation Software) and the fact that it has never crashed on me.

    I’ve found in this computer the original joy I found when I first began using computers 18 years ago. I’ve read reviews stating that the mouse is hard to get used to, but I’ve had no problem on that end. As stated before it remains connected with the computer, the right click definitely works, and the multi-touch surface provides the user with an ease of use that is amazing. The screen is quite simply the most beautiful computer screen I’ve ever seen.

    The keyboard however, is a bit hard to get used to. Some people hate the fact that there is no number pad. Simple, lose the wireless capabilities and get a wired keyboard. My issue with the keyboard is that the keys are flat. Most keyboards have a indentation in them. The Mac wireless keyboard doesn’t. While I won’t be giving it up, because having a wireless keyboard like this is amazing, I have to note I am a bit uncomfortable with it.

    I could go in to greater detail, but in my opinion it comes down to this. A Window’s PC is a partner that gets the job done adequately while constantly nagging about its needs and occasionally breaking down completely when you need them the most. This iMac is there instantly when you need them, creatively stimulating, while being the life of the party. Just buy a Mac and be happy with computers again.

  5. Tim Challies says:

    Review by Tim Challies for Apple iMac MB952LL/A 27-Inch Desktop
    I upgraded from the 24″ iMac to this 27″. Let me give just a few of my impressions:

    The screen has gone up in size by 3 inches but, perhaps more importantly, has changed in perspective from 16×10 to 16×9. This means that the monitor is significantly wider than the 24″–more than you would expect based on merely the 3″ addition in monitor size. This thing is MASSIVE in its width and in the comparison of width to height. The resolution has changed significantly, going from 1920×1200 to 2560×1440. This leads to small text on the screen–not ideal for older eyes but a treat to those of us who want to maximize our use of screen real estate.

    The new iMac ships with a new version of the wireless keyboard (which uses only 2 batteries instead of 3) and the new Magic Mouse. The keyboard has a great feel to it (very good tactile feedback) but lacks the numeric keypad, the extra delete key, and so on. After two days I reverted back to the old wired, full-sized keyboard. I just found myself missing those extra keys too much. I may try the wireless again, though, just because it is so nice to be completely wireless and to take up less desk space with keyboard and cables. The Magic Mouse takes a little getting used to but is a very nice little gadget. I have had trouble consistently right-clicking (I just don’t move my finger far enough to the right) but beyond that have found it very easy to use. For now it has fairly limited functionality but I expect that to change as time goes on. I’m sure it won’t be long before software allows the mouse to perform many other functions.

    In terms of hardware, the new iMac is a bit beefier than its predecessor. The hard drive is a nice, big 1 TB and there are now four GB of RAM standard with the ability to add more without removing what is already there. In previous iMacs you had to completely replace the existing RAM–now you can add to it, saving a few bucks along the way. The processor keeps things moving well, though I don’t notice any really obvious speed increases. The same is true of the standard video card. It gets the job done and runs The Sims 3 in full resolution without any real problems.

    Overall, this is a very sweet computer and a good upgrade from older iMacs. I wouldn’t recommend moving from the 24″ for the time being (just not worth it for most of us) but would recommend this to anyone in the market for a solid desktop PC.