5 Responses to “Canon PIXMA MP640 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer (3748B002)”

  1. Steven Klimasewski says:

    Review by Steven Klimasewski for Canon PIXMA MP640 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer (3748B002)
    Disclaimer: I do not own this printer but have worked with and installed tons of them at my school and I use them all the time. Anyway we have about 4 of these units and all work perfectly fine.

    Quality: The image quality of this printer is stunning the detail level and color reproduction is great! When compared to the Canon iP6600 the color and detail reproduction seem to be slightly better.

    Speed: It is fairly fast for photo printing its not a speed demon or anything but it is faster then most printers I have used.

    Features : This printer has a ton of features too many to discuss but it can scan images it has a card reader and can be hooked up to the network via ethernet or via wifi.

    Ink Consumption : This printer is also very easy on the ink and the wallet. Ink seems to last a fairly long time even when doing a lot of photo prints.

    Setup: Setup was painless I installed all 4 of these units in about 40 mins just run the disc connect the printer install the print head and then the ink cartridges. ( I do however wish they used less packaging )

    All in all I woud definitely recommend this to a friend. I have yet to have a single problem with any of the 4 and they are being used by tons of people each day for photo printing.

    Edit; I forgot to mention that I have only tried this on Windows XP can’t comment on the problem the other user spoke of with Macintosh Snow leopard 10.6.

  2. Andi Van Gogh says:

    Review by Andi Van Gogh for Canon PIXMA MP640 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer (3748B002)
    This is the first time I’ve bought anything other than an HP printer and I’m thrilled with the choice I made. It took about an hour from box to test print, on 2 computers in a home network. The basic functions are easy enough to accomplish, but this printer isn’t an average all-in-one printer. It really has corporate scale functionality and the online manual is cumbersome, so learning all this printer has to offer may take time if it’s only used in a limited capacity.

  3. Paul Ammann says:

    Review by Paul Ammann for Canon PIXMA MP640 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer (3748B002)
    Over the years, I have owned many printers. Most of them have been HP with the exception of two. My last printer was an Epson, which I thought was very nice and this Cannon which I just purchased this past weekend.

    Out of the box, the printer was easy to setup. I opted for wireless printing, because I can’t stand cables. I have 2 Mac laptops running OS X 10.6 and Apple’s Time Capsule. Connecting the printer to Time Capsule couldn’t be any easier. I opted to install the Canon software which took some time. After the software installation, I could see the printer and send a test page. Overall, it took me about 20 minutes.

    I did run into a problem with wireless scanning. Every time I attempted to scan, I received an error message that the scanner couldn’t be found. I admit that I was puzzled. Thirty minutes later, after reading a post, I realized that my firewall was blocking the incoming traffic. Duh! I adjusted my firewall setting to allow the scanner traffic in, and wireless scanning was working just fine.

    I find the printer prints much faster than the Epson printer. The images from wireless scanning are very clear and sharp compared to the images that I did with the Epson via cable. I’m very satisfied with Canon and would consider purchasing another one over Epson and HP.

  4. siafu says:

    Review by siafu for Canon PIXMA MP640 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer (3748B002)
    At last – I cut the cord with HP!!! The PIXMA MP640 is 100% better than the comparable HP I used to have. Having said that I must add that I’ve had my new printer for only a week so I can’t review ink usage or other aspects of using it over an extended period of time.

    1). Canon’s interfaces are simple, uncluttered, intuitive and functional – much better and user-friendly than HPs. I should have expected this because that’s exactly how the canon Camera interfaces are. And unlike HP, I don’t get these ridiculous popup messages that tell me whether my printer is on or off, etc.

    2). I am pretty sure that my laptop boots up faster ever since I uninstalled all the HP software and installed Canon’s.

    3). The PIXMA MP640 is surprisingly fast to boot up and to print. After reading some of the reviews I was expecting delays but instead I got excellent performance.

    4). This printer was surprisingly easy to set up. I just followed the instructions and voila! Now I can print wirelessly from anywhere in my home (I work from home so this functionality is extremely important to me and it’s flawless).

    5). Canon’s documentation and setup manual are easy to understand, they were actually written by someone who knew how to write technical documentation. But when I installed the software I chose to not install MP Navigator because I didn’t think I needed it. Oops – I had to go back and install it because I couldn’t use the scanner wirelessly without it.

    6). Perfect print quality, it’s exactly what I wanted. B&W documents are sharp, black letters are intense almost as if this is a laser printer. And the color renderings of photos are very good too. Thus far I’ve only used the default settings and they are perfect.

    7). Loading the ink cartridges was very easy because there’s lots of room available to do it in. Likewise, getting to any of this printer’s connections or functions is easy, everything is accessible. Somebody designed this printer to be used by humans!

    8). This is a well-built, quiet product – it starts up quickly, much quicker than my similar HP printer. And it’s surprisingly quiet.

    9). The PIXMA MP640 is more expensive than your run-of-the-mill inkjet printer. But as far as I’m concerned this is money well spent, the printer is worth every penny I paid for it.

  5. J. H. Erdsneker says:

    Review by J. H. Erdsneker for Canon PIXMA MP640 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One Printer (3748B002)
    The wireless set up was smooth and the printer was easy to set up right from the box.

    I choose the Canon 640 after considering several other inkjet printers. I was looking for an alternate to sending my pictures off to other sites to be printed and a printer to handle the occasional other jobs.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the high quality print job the Canon 640 produced using Canon paper. Looking forward to reproducing more of my photographs.