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  1. S. Lionel says:

    Review by S. Lionel for HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One (CN547A#B1H)
    I’ve been a user of HP printers for many years now, most recently a Photosmart C7250 All-In-One. The new HP Officejet 4500 Wireless has many of the capabilities of the C7250 for a much lower price. Both are inkjet printers, of course, both are color fax machines, both can copy in black-and-white or color, both have a high-resolution scanner with document feeder and both have wireless connectivity.

    Of course you do give up some things for the lower (by about half) price: the 4500 has only a black and a tricolor ink cartridge with integrated print heads (the C7250 has six independent ink tanks), the 4500 lacks automatic two-side printing, lacks “photo printing” (though it does a decent job at printing images), and doesn’t have a built-in card reader. The 4500 is also considerably smaller, which can be an advantage in a small or home office.

    Setting up the 4500 is easy. Even if you are going to use it wirelessly, you must connect it by USB to a PC (or Mac) for the initial installation. After it is set up, you can disconnect the USB and run wireless-only. A 3-foot USB cable is provided, which I consider too short, but at least it’s there, unlike with many other printers. The software installed smoothly for me, which was a novelty – I’ve had a lot of trouble with the latest HP software for my C7250. In addition to the standard printer software, HP includes a basic I.R.I.S. OCR capability. I tried the OCR and it did a good job of capturing the text, but it lost all formatting. OmniPage it ain’t.

    I was pleased to find that the network setup was handled through the PC (or Mac) software during the initial install – I was not looking forward to having to enter network keys on the printer’s keypad. I use WPA2-AES wireless and the HP 4500 had no problem with it.

    When you install the ink cartridges the printer spits out an alignment sheet which you then scan in so it can see how the print heads line up. Clear prompts appeared on the lighted LCD panel on the printer and this was easy.

    I tried a variety of printing tasks and the 4500 handled them all well. Text was clear and colored backgrounds showed no banding. Although this is not a photo printer, it did a passable job printing a photograph on plain paper. The scanner worked well too, both using the glass and the document feeder. Printing is quiet and fast.

    Faxing I thought a bit awkward – you use the left-right arrow buttons to select color or b+w fax, enter the number (or use the address book), then press the green start button. It then asks you to press 1 if you’re scanning from the glass or 2 from the feeder, which I found annoying. However, the faxing worked well, and when the number was busy, it automatically retried after one minute and then five minutes. HP includes a special phone cord which you are supposed to use for the fax connection. I don’t know what is special about it, but if you use a regular cord you must use a small adapter that HP also provides.

    HP claims that the 4500 meets EnergyStar requirements, so I tested power consumption. When the 4500 was turned off, my meter read zero (the meter does not register tenths.) When on and idle, 2 watts; when actively printing, 10-15 watts and when in standby mode, 1 watt. I thought this exemplary.

    The only real gripe I have is a minor one – the paper feed tray (which doubles as the output tray) sticks out from the front quite a bit. It does have a retractable output catcher, so it’s not as bad as it could be. However, I understand this is a trade-off for the box being so small.

    The “901” ink cartridges are not insanely expensive, but I don’t know how long they last. HP claims that cost-per-page is lower with the HP Officejet 6500. If your usage is modest, the HP Officejet 4500 may be just what you need at a very reasonable price. If you print a lot, you may want a model with a higher-capacity paper tray, and of course if you print photos, there are better choices. All in all, a very competent and modestly priced all-in-one device. Recommended.

  2. N. Hundt says:

    Review by N. Hundt for HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One (CN547A#B1H)
    I traded in a perfectly good HP All-in-One (circa 2001) for the convenience of wireless printing from a laptop. I’ve had the printer one month; am I sorry I bought the 4500 Wireless. Other than the wireless feature, I can’t say anything positive about this device. It has frequent paper jams; the scanner turns white paper backgrounds into an ivory color background (making it difficult to paste scanned images like signatures into other documents with white backgrounds); it’s very slow; black text often comes out gray, or worse yet, light green (!). This is about the worst printer I’ve ever purchased. I was a longtime HP supporter until I purchased this device. HP, you lost my loyalty.

  3. Rachel B. Ramey says:

    Review by Rachel B. Ramey for HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One (CN547A#B1H)
    This product is an upgrade from an older OfficeJet all-in-one machine (5610v). It definitely has both pros and cons.

    The folks at HP have thought of every detail, right down to the unpacking. The plastic the printer is wrapped in is actually a BAG with handles, so there is no wrestling to get it out of the box. Everything needed to get set up is included in the box, right down to the ink cartridges and telephone cable. Both ink cartridges are the same number (one is then labeled “color” and the other “black-and-white”), making it easier to remember which cartridge you need. The machine is fairly compact, the controls are very intuitive, and it was very easy to install (even with an uncooperative computer which, for reasons completely unrelated to the printer, shut down four times during the brief installation process). I was a bit thrown by the fact that there is only one paper tray, rather than separate trays for input and output. It will, apparently, also print “borderless,” for brochures and such. I have not yet tried this feature.

    Unfortunately, not everything about the OfficeJet 4500 is this peachy. The biggest selling point of this machine, for me, was that it can be used wirelessly, which would make it much easier for us to print to it from our two separate computers. I was never able to successfully set up this feature. When the “wizard” fails to set up the wireless network, there is no other option or information given – no clue as to what went wrong, no alternate method for entering the information, etc. It just doesn’t work. This is bigger problem than one might think, as the included USB cable is rather short. At the moment, I can’t print to this printer without putting the printer in my desk chair and hooking it up. (And then I have to unplug it between uses.)

    Receiving a fax is unnecessarily difficult, as well, for users without a dedicated fax line. On my old OfficeJet, the fax and my telephone could easily share a line. When I answered the phone and heard fax signals, all I had to do was punch “1,2,3,” and hang up after I heard the fax machine click on. It never interfered with my regular phone usage, but I didn’t have to fuss with controls on the machine to receive a fax, either. I’m not sure why HP couldn’t do the same thing with this machine. Installation of the ink cartridges was not intuitive, in my opinion. And the plastic the printer is made of looks chintzy. (It may not be; it just has this look. A more matte plastic would have appeared sturdier.)

    All in all, it’s a good machine; it just has its quirks. The wireless difficulty is a real issue, but everything else is a mostly matter of familiarity.

  4. Deborah K. Dobbins says:

    Review by Deborah K. Dobbins for HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One (CN547A#B1H)
    I like my new wireless HP 4500 printer. It was very easy to install and is very simple to use. I print alot of color photos and this is a great printer for that. It prints very clearly and crisp on regular or high gloss papers. The speed of printing is an added bonus. As far as the other features go I haven’t used all of them, but the instructions are fairly cut and dry and I think it will be easy to learn and operate the additional features. I guess the only thing I would change would be the size (note the measurements in the description), and it is a bit heavy, but I’ve found most quality printers are like this.

  5. Judith L. Joyce says:

    Review by Judith L. Joyce for HP Officejet 4500 Wireless All-in-One (CN547A#B1H)
    I have also been a long time user of HP Printers. I am beginning to rethink this. I don’t know if HP sees the ink cartridge market as a cash cow for them or what but I have never had to buy so many ink cartridges with their other printers. I use an eco friendly font but still seem to be buying twice as many ink cartridges with this model. I wish I had never replaced my HP 6300.

  6. A. Boston says:

    Review by A. Boston for HP Photosmart D110A Wireless e-All-in-One Printer (CN731A#B1H)
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R240L6BWYFEUOG UPDATE June 2010: An Amazon staffer has informed me “I work with Amazon and wanted to confirm that the paper included with the product does not come with every printer. This was only for the trial versions.” That was something I thought was so great about this particular product, but please disregard it in my video review.

    I just got this HP photosmart printer and while it has some aspects of it I don’t personally like, I think it will be a nice basic photo printer for those with limited computer abilities, or who just want something easy to use that’s an attractive looking machine. It’s all about having realistic expectations for the price point. If you have a point and shoot you use for fun, this just may be up your alley. If you’re into DSLR cameras and editing photos, this might be a little lowbrow for your taste.


    – IPHONE USERS: right after finishing this review, I went app surfing, and found the motherlode. It’s called HP iPrint 3.0, its fantastic and free! Printed photos instantly over wifi, I also used it with my grocery IQ app and printed coupons. Another app features is you can scan directly to your phone for emailing documents.

    – Beyond easy to get started. The wireless setup was a pinch in comparison to the hassles I had connecting my brother printer wirelessly.

    – scanning black and white documents and photos worked fine. Copying black and white was also as expected.

    – it prints out photos fast.

    – attractive and will match nicely with other HP products.

    – Besides the reusable little zipper bag in my video, there was another larger one that the printer was in. Nice to have a new reusable for the grocery store, and I really admire the effort HP made with making the packaging as eco friendly as possible.

    – Eprint feature is now working!


    – noisy!

    – doesn’t have a lot of settings you can customize to your taste directly on the printer. I like to be able to change DPI for different projects, or color contrast, choose PDF or JPG etc if needed.

    – the color cartridge is just one, instead of separating into three cartridges.

    – It’s hard to tell over video, but the colors just weren’t what I was hoping for. The photos I printed had more yellow/orange/green tones then the original photos. Recently I was doing my own passport renewal photo. I finally got it right and went to print. I was wearing a hot pink shirt, and it blew out the pink and overly saturated it. I had to change and start over because I knew that wouldn’t be acceptable.

    – a couple things the software installed that are unnecessary and you’re not given an opportunity to pick and choose when you start the software. For instance: a weird extra internet toolbar, etc. I hate extra things that have really nothing to do with the product and are just used to shove the brand in your face, or that HP partnered with or got paid to add to sneak it in and put it on my computer.

  7. THATCH says:

    Review by THATCH for HP Photosmart D110A Wireless e-All-in-One Printer (CN731A#B1H)
    I’ve owned tons of HP Deskjets/Inkjets over the years as well as a Photosmart, so I feel right at home with this printer. Printers are difficult to review because opinions of them vary so greatly from person to person with regards to print quality and desirable features/functions. I will try to keep my impressions short and only comment on the ones that need more explanation.

    The good:

    -The printer is small and the design is very stylish

    -Photo print quality on photo paper is excellent/exceptional on 4×6 HP Advanced Photo paper.

    -Printing on regular paper, text, is fine/ok/typical

    -The software install on PC was simple/straightforward/easy

    -The printer works reliably on wireless and is pretty seamless doing so

    -ePrint will be available soon, which opens a whole world of printing possibilities

    -Scanning/printing/menu use on the printer is simple after initial setup

    -It shipped with a big box of photo paper and nice carrying cases/covers instead of plastic in the packaging

    -Being a wireless printer allows everyone in the home to print to it without any complications!

    -Registering the printer online was very easy because it automatically filled in the serial number! Awesome!

    -It fits a scanner in the same size package that the average printer takes up, saving you desk space

    The bad:

    -The printer is a little loud and makes some plastic clanking sounds at times

    -The initial setup required on the printer menu system was not intuitive. The touch buttons didn’t line up how I thought they should with the options on the screen.

    -Registering the printer in the ePrint center gave me problems. I finally was successful by using a new email address not registered with HP elsewhere.

    -The “on printer screen” tutorial for inserting the ink cartridges is a little misleading. If you do it wrong, then fix, you’ll have to power cycle the printer so it “realizes” you installed the ink properly.


    I could recommend this printer for any person who is the casual printer but also would like to print some really high quality photos at home. It fits in well where there are multiple computers on the same wireless network, and even will work with wired computers as long as they are on the same network as the wireless. It seems like HP tried to make things easy, but I’d call this printer more “feature rich” than “dead simple,” but I do think all but the most tech averse will be able to work his/her way through any issues.

    Compared to other printers out there in this price range, this printer has a lot more features for the money.

  8. AmyG says:

    Review by AmyG for HP Photosmart D110A Wireless e-All-in-One Printer (CN731A#B1H)
    The printer is nice in that it’s easy to set up and use; it uses cheaper ink and it takes nice scans – if you can actually get it to scan an entire document. I guess this is it’s ‘smart’ feature coming into play, where it crops out anything it thinks isn’t part of the document. I’ve given up using it; and I just bought it a few weeks ago. I can’t get it to scan a whole document without it breaking it up into several different pieces and cropping out parts. Just today the copy feature stopped working as well. I made a mistake buying this thing – huge waste of money. At least it came with a pretty tote bag so I can conveniently carry its worthless carcass around with me.

  9. Nathan Andersen says:

    Review by Nathan Andersen for HP Photosmart D110A Wireless e-All-in-One Printer (CN731A#B1H)
    This is a decent low-end printer with a few very cool features, and satisfactory but not stellar performance. It would be the ideal printer for a small family, especially with children who like to print things (and what kids don’t like to print things). I’m going to quickly go through the features and mention what I’ve experienced after playing with it for a few days; where relevant, I’ll compare its features to my slightly more expensive Canon printer.


    The printer’s nicely packed, and easy to put together. The only trick I had was installing the printer cartridges. Like another reviewer said, the printer cartridges don’t go in exactly the way the diagram or the illustrated video on the printer’s screen suggests. If you make a mistake, it will say that they’re not installed, and then you can’t just go fix the mistake because it doesn’t recognize you’ve fixed it unless you power off and power on again. One other thing I like is that the whole thing comes with a handy canvas carrying tote. That’ll be nice because I may occasionally bring it home.


    Setting up this printer as a wireless printer was extremely easy. I’ve setup about 5 different wireless printers over the past year and this was by far the easiest. What made it simple was that the instructions on the printer’s screen show you exactly how to connect it to a local wireless point, and then when you install the software on the screen it automatically recognizes the printer as there to be used. Easy stuff.


    It’s advertised as a photo printer, and it does okay with photos but not great. I printed an 8.5 x 11 glossy of my family on quality photo paper and from far away it looks fine, but if you get close you’ll see evidence of print lines. It’s especially evident on skin, where you can see the little lines that make it almost look like your subjects had been sleeping on corduroy pants and had little fading line indentations left behind.


    For other kinds of print jobs, where fine details are less important, the printer does a good job and things look nice. It’s pretty slow, though. It’s not nearly fast enough for most professional office use, so the speed alone pretty much qualifies this as a home use printer. My Canon PIXMA MX860, for example, is quite a bit faster, and prints better photos. Of course, that one is bulkier than this one, and costs a bit more.


    The Photosmart scans just fine, though if you want any kind of control you have to scan from the software that installs on your computer with the driver. I tried scanning a page of text to send to my computer using just the controls on the printer and it ended up scanning only half of the page, and inverting the layout from the way it was actually placed on the scan bed. You can only scan one page at a time – there’s no feeding.

    Additionally, it only scans things as images, that it can send either as .jpg or .pdf files. That means you can’t produce an editable text document from a scan unless you have additional software that can convert the images into such. My Canon Pixma MX860 does give me the option to create .txt files.


    Works fine, exactly as you’d expect.


    Doesn’t exist. This is not a fax machine, so the “All-in-One” might be a bit of a misnomer – then again, who uses fax machines anymore? I have fax capability on all my other printers and I’ve never had the need to use it. When I absolutely need to fax, I use my office’s dedicated machine. One more reason, though, that this wouldn’t work as an all-in-one office printer even for a small office, since sometimes business use requires faxing.


    There are two web features this comes with. One, apparently, doesn’t work yet (as of June 30, 2010) but is (allegedly) coming soon. That’s the “ePrint” function, that allows a registered user to print to this printer from anywhere on the web, even if they aren’t anywhere close to the printer. I’d love to be able to print out stuff I’ll need the next day from home, so it’ll be ready for me when I arrive at my office, so this is a feature I’m looking forward to.

    The other feature is what’s called “Print Apps” – basically, you register for print apps online at HPs site (several will be already set up for you if you accept the Web features during setup … in fact, right now as far as I can tell every one of the available apps is already set up for you, though it looks like they are planning to have a lot more apps.) Anyhow, the webapps allow you to print directly from the web. I kind of like the Sudoku app, that allows me to print Sudoku puzzles directly from the printer. There’s also a Coupon app – so far I haven’t found any useful coupons, but this could be nice. My son loves the PBS KIds and Disney apps. Again, this would be cool for families.


    This is a decent, low-end printer, with some novel features that would make it great for some personal and home uses. It doesn’t print the best photos and it’s not as fast as some. At this price, though, it would be a good deal for many users.

  10. LCD says:

    Review by LCD for HP Photosmart D110A Wireless e-All-in-One Printer (CN731A#B1H)
    I needed an extra printer/ scanner for E-mailing and the Photosmart D110A was just what I wanted. The set-up was easy and fast with enough options to cover my needs. I am very pleased with the scanned picture quality and love having a wireless connection. I have already recommended this printer to several people!