10 Responses to “HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer”

  1. S. Bashor says:

    Review by S. Bashor for HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer
    I looked and researched wireless printers and was going crazy. This one had all postive reviews so I decided to order it. I wanted an all in one printer/scanner/copy/ fax and wireless. At 149.00 dollars sale price I decided to go for it.

    It came in a huge box and I thought what the heck did I order and when I took it out of the box it was bigger than my other all in one, but the double sided printing attachment adds some bulk (I have not tried this feature). It is noisier than my HP 4280 all in one, but that is not a big deal.

    Set up was fairly easy, I just followed the instruction set up page. The software took a long time to install. I am familiar with printer set ups and installing software so no problem there just time consuming. It came with everything I needed including the USB cord (usually not included). The fax was easy to set up and send (I have not received a fax yet)It has speed dial too. The wireless works perfectly from my laptop. I’m familiar with HP software so the program is easy to use for scanning and it’s easy to do copies too.

    I am unfamiliar with printheads that you have to install yourself and I do not know if they have to be replaced periodically or not. The ink comes with a pop off top that was kind of scary but you just pop it off. Cartridges are very easy to install. It seems to have to go through a lot to get going including noise.

    It took me over an hour but I wasn’t in a big hurry.

    The only problem I have encountered is with my new HP pavilion laptop 64bit running Vista. My desk top is a dell running XP, and I didn’t have any software problems. The software installed on my laptop with no problems except it gives an error message when I shut down my laptop. My HP 4120 did the same thing, HP has not been able to give me a fix. It’s a 64 bit problem.

    I’m pretty impressed with all the features and I have printed out some 4 by 6 photos and had no problem using photo paper or 4 by 6 paper. The paper tray holds tons of paper which is nice when using wireless, in case I forget to check before printing.

    I only gave it 4 stars because of the Vista 64 bit software glitch.

    I am an intermediate to advanced computer user.

  2. Irv Haas says:

    Review by Irv Haas for HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer
    If you’re looking for a printer with all the latest technologies, check out the HP Officejet 6500 Wireless. Keep in mind that HP makes two 6500 models–one is wireless and one is not. This is the wireless model. With copy, scan, print and fax functions this all-in-one is a real workhorse.

    Fast speed (up to 31 ppm) and extremely easy to use. The setup function is all done via software–you don’t even need to touch the 6500’s keypad controls. It links directly to your System Preferences control panel making the wireless and fax settings easy. It uses 4 separate color inks, so you can control your print costs when only a single color needs to be replaced.

    Main drawback is HP’s decision to only include a 2-line text display. For a printer in this price range, HP should have included a 2.5″ color LCD screen. If you’re looking for a multifunction machine that does it all, seriously consider the HP 6500 Wireless.

  3. P. Craig says:

    Review by P. Craig for HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer
    I have had the OfficeJet 6500 Wireless for a few weeks and am genuinely impressed. The print quality is as good as it’s going to get for an inkjet, and is very sharp. Individual ink tanks for each color keeps waste and cost down, and kudos to HP for selling both standard and large capacity ink tanks, allowing heavy users another way to keep costs down. The duplexer is nice and has really cut down on paper consumption. The scanning and faxing abilities are as you would expect for a modern multifunction, and do not disappoint. Where this machine really impresses is the details. It includes a USB cable. You can insert a SD/SDHC/MS card into a card slot and scan any document directly to a PDF file on the memory card, in color or greyscale-without a computer. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, HP has a free application that allows photo printing directly from the iPhone/iPod and is really slick. The unit also has a built-in web server than can be used for status, maintenance, configuration, and even scanning using a web app-even if your computer doesn’t have the HP software installed. The wireless setup is incredibly simple-run the wireless wizard from the control panel, pick which network and enter the network password. It connected to my WPA2 network immediately (note the network password is case sensitive) and I never even connected the USB or Ethernet cables. And I am quite impressed with the level of support for Apple computers-even the included software bundle is full-featured and works well, although OS X users will find iPhoto to be superior to the provided software for photo printing. In all I am extremely happy with this machine and especially considering the sub-$200 price.

  4. Dave says:

    Review by Dave for HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer
    Yes, the print quality is beautiful, but I’m not as overjoyed as the previous reviewers.

    The printer driver alone is 245 MB. That’s almost as big as my entire MS Office suite! WHY??? With few of its optional programs included (an additional 100 MB or so), it took a good 20 minutes to copy and install the software from the disk onto my desktop computer and complete the initial setup.

    I had expected that once the machine was installed on my wireless network using my desktop, that our laptops on the network could simply detect it and add it with the Windows Add Printer function, if all they wanted was print capability–maybe by grabbing a small driver off the internet or from the machine itself. But oh, no. This thing has to be installed from the disk for each machine, and took 20 minutes each to install on our XP laptops, and almost 30 minutes on our VISTA machine. The useless completion bar sat at 94% for most of that time.

    As I said in the header, the machine itself is noisy. A few seconds after each print job completes, it starts back up and clunks and whirs for 15-20 seconds, apparently chewing its way through some kind of self-adjustment/maintenance. I fear that this is not the sound of long term durability. I’m glad I bought the two year warranty.

  5. Tulla Bell says:

    Review by Tulla Bell for HP Officejet 6500 Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer
    I recently bought this printer but I bought it off the HP site because it was cheaper. I truly like the way my printed copies look—very professional and the ink does not smear. I set up the wireless option on both my windows os and mac os laptops. When setting up my macbook, it was tricky but I discovered that once the software was installed on my macbook and I removed the USB printer cable from the macbook and turned the printer off and then on—-the wireless system worked?! Setting up wirelessly with the Windows Vista operating system was very easy. This is nice looking printer and I am enjoying it so far.

  6. a reader says:

    Review by a reader for HP Officejet 6500 All-in-One Printer
    I’ve had this printer driver installed twice.. first time on computer #1, driver on the CD took forever to load! For computer #2, I went to the HP site (per one reviewer’s suggestion) and installed the smallest “for IT professionals only” version and found I could not use the scan function with that slimmed-down driver.

    I finally figured out I had to load the full-feature English only 191MB driver, using the custom install option (left out the Photosmart, HP Purchasing). To disable the incessant looping Update nag message window on machine after reboot, I deleted the HP Update application (via Add/Remove utility) afterwards. I agree HP software is rather crappy and bloated but the HP printers have been more reliable than other brands I’ve used. I bought the 6500 to replace my 6 year old HP PSC 1210 that died after years of heavy use. Before that, I bought the HP Deskjet 500 that still works after 20 years. I hope this machine lasts awhile, as well.

    I’m surprised this newer-model printer isn’t faster than my old printer (equally noisy to my 1210) but the scanner is improved – more adjustment options, decent resolution. I wanted the flatbed copying and sheet feeder capabilities for my next multi-function machine and this one does the job adequately.

    Had a power outage recently and was concerned that since I didn’t power off via the button on the printer, it might screw up the settings.. but there was no issue. It worked fine after power was restored, without me having to make any adjustments.

    Now, if I can only figure out how to avoid paying an arm and two legs for those ink refills! For most documents, I set the print resolution to “Fast Draft” to make the ink cartridge last longer.

    Addendum (5/16/10): Ignore the “empty cartridge” alert on the machine. The final warning will stop the print jobs from proceeding. Just take that ink cartridge out and re-install it back into the machine. This will override the “out of ink” status. You’ll get at least another 20 pages before the ink cartridge is actually empty.

    Found out Walgreens cannot refill the ink cartridges for this HP model. I could try my luck with ink refill kits.

  7. Candid in Seattle says:

    Review by Candid in Seattle for HP Officejet 6500 All-in-One Printer
    Overall print quality is excellent. Price is good also.

    Some points of interest:

    1. When setting up the network printer I ran into a few snags and no two installs followed the same dialogue. It took 2-3 hours to set up 4 computers on our network.

    2. The print cartridge empty light came on with 25-100 pages remaining. I typically use Fast Draft as a default and keep printing until ink ran out.

    3. Text is regularly cut off from the last 1/2 line or so at the bottom of a page — seems to be a margin problem that floats around. Adjusting the footer and body margins sometimes, not always, corrects the problem. Print Preview always looks fine. I’m using Word 2007 – same problem occurs in previous versions of Word. Work around is to create a PDF and print the PDF — no joke! Several websites indicate that this is a problem with no real fix/patch available.

    4. The printer is extremely noisy and has a habit of cleaning itself regularly. Hmmmm!

    Say it ain’t so!

  8. C. McMillan says:

    Review by C. McMillan for HP Officejet 6500 All-in-One Printer
    I’ve had this printer for about a month now, and have printed and scanned several documents (have not tested the fax as I do not have a home landline).

    Overall, I am pleased with the printer. The print quality, and speed are very good and the scanning couldn’t be easier. The only small complaints I have about it are 1 – it’s a bit noisy when it prints (and subsequently aligns the print after after each printing). In fact, when my wife sent something to the printer across the network from another room, my 2 year old was near the printer and it scared the dickens out of him!

    The other drawback was (and I’ll readily admit I’m no IT expert) I was unable to get the printer to install without using the HP CD that installs all kinds of extra crap I did not want on my machine.

    Anyway, despite some things I do not like, I am very happy with this printer.

  9. A. Holt says:

    Review by A. Holt for HP Officejet 6500 All-in-One Printer
    So far it’s been a very solid printer. It’s a little tall, and it’s “draft” printing still uses too much ink compared to other brands on the market, but when it comes to printing quality letters, and images it’s a solid printer.

    Be forwarned however, that it is a noisey printer, on draft print it’s noisey from the paper being fed through the machine and then from the paper being ejected onto the tray, it’s done with such force that the paper will fly off the paper tray if you have not lifted the trailing edge of the output paper tray lip up, which you are supposed to do. But it’s also noisey after every document (document can be 1 page or 100 pages) is printed in that it seems to re-align the print heads and so the print basket goes moving back and forth along the print line, popping up and down here and there and just generally makes some noise while doing it.

    Now, if you need a printer that is actually going to be very productive in that you’ve got an office staff that is printing all day, and prints document after document (like we do here) then this is probably not the printer for you. You see after each document it does that print head aligning thing and during this time the printer is unusable, it can’t print the next document until it’s done doing whatever it is doing with the print head moving back and forth on the print line.

    This is a shame for us as when we are working, we are printing 1 and 2 page documents continuously, one after the other, I will print a document, submit the document electronically, then fill out another document and send it to the printer where it has to wait for the printer to get ready again, then print it. On and on we go on a daily basis, and the printer eventually falls behind and we have to end up corolating the printed documents with the submission informaiton page that we have to put them together instead of being able to just stack them on the output paper tray.

    So while I realize that not everybody needs the printer to the extreme that we do here at the office, is why it’s still rated a 4 in my opinion, because for a home printer, this is really a great printer if you don’t mind the noise and is only made better by it’s big brother printer that has the wireless option. For the price that we paid for this offices room of printers (18 of them) at $119 each, it’s still a solid buy even if the workers do have to corolate the pages at the end of the day.

    Price of Ink:

    The Ink is high, for a XL cartridge of black it’s about $35.00 to $40.00 at the local big box office stores. We use to run all brother printers where the ink cartridges could be easily filled with just a hole being drilled into the cartridge, a syringe and the ink bought at local big box office supply stores for a fraction of the cost of a new cartridge. We could refill the brother cartridges hundreds of times without problems. The HP from what I’ve been reading can be filled between 2 times and 16 times before some mechanism in it signals to the printer that it’s empty even when it’s full, so this is a big cost concern when each ink is $15.00 for the regular size and the printer uses so much of it even in draft mode.

    As far as setup goes, the first time I ran the setup off the included CD, the setup did fail. It took aproximately 20 minutes to get to the failure point. The program suggested that I reboot the computer and try again as a fix for this. I did as instructed and rebooted the computer when informed to do so, and when the computer came back online I re ran the setup from the included cd and it went through in about 10 minutes or so and fully installed the software with no further hitches. We don’t generally reboot this particular computer as it also runs our phone lines as well as being one of the offices main workhorses, but a reboot did allow the included software to be installed without further incident.

    There is one last thing that I should mention. If you have a digital camera that uses CF memory cards (like our Nikon cameras do), then consider that this printer does NOT have a CF memory card slot. They have chosen to include MS, sd, xd etc but not CF cards for some reason which is just a shame, now we’re back to getting the images to the printer the long about way of doing it through the computer since this printer has no CF memory card slot to use.

    Actually, there is one more thing that I should mention, when printing documents in draft mode it *might* cut off part of the text at the bottom of the page. When this has happened to me, I switch to the general every day printing option and it prints all of the text as it should. My only guess on this is that the printer ejects the paper so fast in draft mode that the printer can’t print the bottom portion of the document. It doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen once in a while.

    If anybody knows of instructions on how to refill the OfficeJet 6500’s cartridges please comment and let me know as I’d really like to go back to saving money by refilling the ink cartridges again, instead of printing our own documents at almost the same cost as taking them to the local printmart store when we have to buy new cartridges for this 6500 each time they run dry.

    Update: We’ve now found out that these printers use a whole lot more ink than we had planned on. On one particular printer (assume the rest of them are the same here in the office) we’ve found that it uses up the initial black ink cartridge in less than 300 pages. Those pages are not even a 5% coverage and have always used the draft printing mode. I see now why they sell the XL cartridges, the smaller cartridges just don’t have enough ink in them to make this printer an “office” (like OfficeJet) printer. It’s better suited for a home printer and we are thinking about returning the whole lot of them and going back to brother printers. Even with all the faults of a brother printer at least we can keep our ink prices to a reasonable level for our daily black only text only print jobs.

  10. Christine D. Carter says:

    Review by Christine D. Carter for HP Officejet 6500 All-in-One Printer
    Evidently, whoever created the webpage for the HP6500 printer just copied the webpage from the HP6500 wireless printer, so the two were very confusing. I went back and forth several times to find out what the difference between them was that would constitute such a difference in price. I finally realized, one was wireless and one was not. Both of them were described as printing on both sides of the paper, which was what I really wanted, not the wireless, so I bought the cheaper model. When I received it there was no duplexer so it wouldn’t print on both sides. There was directions on how to insert the duplexer, so I called Amazon to find out what was going on. To make a long story short, it does not come with a duplexer and you cannot buy a duplexer to put on it (this learned from HP when I called them and talked to five different people!) I, therefore, returned the printer to Amazon and told them to change their webpage. Hopefully, it’s been changed by the time you read this and the problem won’t come up again, but beware!